How to Perform Professional Quality Magic Tricks That Will Have Your Spectators, Friends, and Family Thinking You're a Witch

Speaking of witches…I once had an audience “try” to stone me…

…at a halloween party for my church group. (I hope they were kidding about it)

I went to the party dressed as a magician and, during the costume showcase, I did some basic card manipulations…which soon escalated into a full-scale magic show.

The show went like any other, until one of my “friends” after being completely awestruck by my magical abilities,

Yelled out in reaction,

“Stone Him, Stone Him” 

Now I’m pretty sure she was kidding (let’s hope). But that was a fun reaction none-the-less.

If you want to perform magic so powerful that people will make jokes about you having super natural powers after being floored by your abilities, then this course will show you how.

So here’s the deal:

I’ve created a card magic course called:

Sleight of Hand Mastery:

Sleight of Hand Mastery

This is an online training course containing the greatest things I’ve learned after a decade of being a professional card magician. Filled with tricks I’ve learned over the years, techniques, methods for learning tricks fast, inventing your own tricks, how to get audiences, and tips for being the best performer possible.

All of this is designed to make you into the type of magician who is confident in his skills, able to create new tricks, and constantly causes your friends, family, and spectator’s to foam at the mouth, scream with joy, and proclaim you’re otherworldly powers across the Earth.

Over the years I’ve had people run screaming into another room, swear, ask me on dates, buy me drinks, invite me to events, pay me, and even threaten to stone me because of my magic.

And I want the same thing for you (maybe not the stoning)

I want you to be able to open up a pack of cards, stand in front of a group of people, and create entertaining and life-long memories with awesome magic.

With the techniques and tricks in this course you’ll be blowing the socks off of anyone you meet within just a few minutes of practice.

Curious about the goods?

First, here are the techniques you’ll be learning:

Starting with…

The Only Three Things You Need to Learn to be Brilliant at Card Magic:

  • Card Forcing:
    • Extensive tutorials on Five different methods of forcing, including one that looks as natural as the classic force but NEVER FAILS!
  • Double-Lift:
    • the best method for doing a double-lift (adapted from master magician Michael Ammar) that’s so easy I’ve seen 7 year olds pull it off
  • Over-Hand Shuffle and Card Control -
    • This false-shuffle is so deceptive that I’ve messed it up in front of magicians and they haven’t even noticed.
    • with it you can…
      • …have the spectator return the card to any point in the deck and be able to control where that card goes without the spectator even knowing. (this method works so well and is so easy, you’ll surprise yourself when the cards are where you want them to be)
      • …move the top card to the bottom or the bottom to the top

Because these techniques are used in virtually every card trick in existence (at least 80% of them) they are the most important to learn.

THIS IS YOUR START in being able to pick-up ANY deck of cards and create powerful, mind-blowing illusions, and magic routines.

Plus, I’m going to teach you these extra Sleight of Hand Moves:

You’ll learn…

The Glide: an underutilized technique that was a favorite of the late and great card magician Jan Hugard (author of Expert Card Magic)

(I use this technique and a cellphone to turn a boring color change into a story about the creature Medusa, complete with turning a card into stone, I’ll be teaching you this trick also).

…and you’ll also get my method for tracking a spectator’s card throughout the deck

  • even if you don’t know the spectator’s card, where it is in the deck, and the spectator has cut the deck themselves.

These techniques are the complete arsenal of any good card magician,

because every card trick uses the same basic techniques, with these in your tool belt, you’ll have everything you need to master dozens if not hundreds of card tricks.

and you’ll be able to learn them all in minutes…

because I not only teach them, but give you tips on how to practice and master them faster.

And while we’re on the subject of learning and mastering dozens of card tricks…

Here’s the tricks you’ll be learning in Sleight of Hand Mastery…

  • Revelation of the Century:
    • learn how to send someone a text of the card they will choose, before they even choose it. (this is great if you want to get someone’s number)
  • The Ambitious Card:
    • Make a single signed card jump around to any position in the deck, or even appear in your pocket!
  • Letter:
    • reveal someone’s card using step-by-step instructions invented by Benjamin Franklin
  • Card at Any Number:
    • The spectator freely choses a number, and their card appears at any that exact position in the deck.
  • Present Palm Reading:
    • how to use an ancient palm-reading technique that reveals the present, rather than predicting the future, to reveal a chosen card (this is a great for mentalism effects, because you are reading into “the now”)
  • Synergy:
    • Transfer your own energy into the spectator and turn them into a magician. (this effect allows you to sit back and watch as the spectator does all the work, and you get all the credit)
    • This uses a time honored (yet under utilized) way of revealing a spectator’s card where you don’t even touch the deck (the spectator does all the work)
  • Torn-and-Restored:
    • How to tear-up a card and put it back together again (plus, bonus training on how to tear up a dollar bill and restore it, while keeping the serial numbers the exact same
  • Ultimate Revelation:
    • Cause a group of spectators to all choose the same card, or chose cards all related to one-another (if this is done right your audience will believe you are a criminal mastermind, and that you carefully manipulated everything to make them take the actions you wanted).
  • Triumph:
    • Shuffle the cards face-up and face-down into one another, and then cause them to all flip the right direction (except for the card the spectator chose of course)
  • Do as I Do:
    • Mentally link with a spectator and copy each-others actions. Even down to choosing the exact same card, even though you both had a free choice
  • Cloud Revelation:
    • Make people believe you have the power to control the weather by forming an image of their chosen card out of clouds! (this is real, effective, and probably worth the price of the course alone)
  • And a whole bunch of other tricks including…

How to teleport cards in and out of a spectator’s closed hands (without them feeling a thing)…how to make a card rise out of the deck all by itself…how to make a “stupid card” that will get you out of tough situations and change to the spectator’s card when you need it to…how to turn a card over within the smallest space possible…how to make cards eat one-another…and even…

…How to vomit, heave, belch, erupt, gush, or expel dozens of cards out of your mouth (always a fun one) kids love this. Plus! my own special teachings on how you can do it again and again and again, without having to grab new cards (no one teaches it this way).

but those aren’t even the best tricks

There’s two more that are worth mentioning…

first is…

The Second Best Card Trick I Know,

…where the spectator’s card is revealed to be in a very precise and impossible position in the deck, even though they freely chose the card (no forcing required) and they cut it back into the deck (where ever they wanted btw), and you never shuffled, cut, or played with the cards.

This one is KILLER, and requires NO sleight of hand.

and of course, my favorite effect….

the One Trick I Perform if I Only Have a Single Chance to Impress Someone 

(this trick got me a $300-800/mo recurring gig) 

Plus, it’s so easy even a beginner can handle it.

I want you to think back to that “fun, awesome, and amazing trick”

Think about the first time you found a magic trick that you happily brought home to “meet the parents.”

This is what this trick is to me. I’ve dated it, married it, and slept with it.

To me, this trick holds all the memories of my life as a card magician. It’s been with me throughout the whole journey, and will continue to be there forever. To me, it defines what I want out of a performance. I’ll be honest with you, all the other tricks in this program are amazing, stunning, fabulous, and have brilliant effects, but this one, this one I love. This is the one I married, it has been my partner, and I want to teach it to you, so you can get the same amount of joy from it that I have all these years.

But I’ve got more for you,

You see, all the Amazing Magic tricks up there, are just ONE perk of what you’re getting with this course.

When you sign-up today, you’ll also get:

Two methods for marking your own cards that are imperceptible, and don’t even require you to look at the deck to find them (they’re all done by feel). These can be used for effects like…

  • …reading a spectator’s eyes to reveal their card
  • …recognizing the “microscopic residue” left behind on a card after someone kisses it
  • …mind-reading without looking at the cards
  • …and a host of other things, just let your creativity flow

speaking of creativity… in the  Routine Creation Cheat-Sheet, (which comes as a bonus) you’re going to learn:

The Simple (and outrageously fun) Method I use to Invent All of my Magic Tricks

(only requires a Pen, Paper, and a Thesaurus)

This is Powerful stuff.

I used this method to invent the effect: Present Palm Reading (an effect where you use an ancient palm-reading technique that reveals the present, rather then predicting the future, to show their card) and it only took me 10 minutes to think of it.

This will give you an endless supply of routine ideas, trick ideas, and stories. It’s easy and only takes about 7 minutes to execute…and because it’s so fun you’ll even look forward to doing it.

Also, I’m going to teach you what a “fake-out-finish” is, and how adding it to your routines will cause screaming reactions. and I’ve got two other cheat-sheets for you…first…

Perfect Performance Cheat Sheet: 

  • The #1 WORST thing you can do when learning new tricks that every seasoned magician says you should do (except me)
  • Why learning how to breath will make you a better magician than practicing your tricks
  • Why the industry is wrong about revealing secrets, and how doing it can make you a better, more loved, and more sought-after magician
  • A technique I learned from Master Magician Michael Ammar about how to stop your hands from shaking (hint it doesn’t require any work)
  • How to become an unforgettable magician by placing mental images in the heads of your audience members that will never go away (no sexual themes required).

So, here’s the deal:

Sleight of Hand Mastery is an online membership based course that casts $29.95, but before you go and buy it (I know you’re excited)…

I have a confession to make…

…the video quality of this course ain’t the greatest. As a matter of fact most all of these videos were shot with my iPhone (and edited in iMovie). But the information is top notch.

You see, I think it’s more important to deliver you powerful, useful, and high quality magic techniques, effects, and teaching.…and not waste time on whether or not my videos will be approved for IMAX.

But if you join and find out that this is a game changer for you, well no biggy.

There’s no pressure for you to stay on board.

When you purchase you’ve got a full 14 days to go through the course, download the tricks, practice, perform, and enjoy the magic.

If you don’t like the course for any reason:

  • my voice angers your cat,
  • the color of the website causes you to turn into the Hulk
  • amish people are threatening to stone you (actually that would be pretty good)
  • etc…

…then just shoot an email to and I’ll refund your purchase.

Remember: you can refund for any reason within the first 14 days.

Anyway, there’s some amazing magic, tips, techniques, and tricks in here.

and now’s the time to grab it all

Click the “add to cart” button below and give it a go.

You’ll receive instant access to the online members’ area, where you’ll get to watch/download/read everything you need.

Click the button to get started:

  • Click the “Add to Cart”
  • You’ll be taken to – This is the service I use for processing payments. They have all sorts of security and algorithms (technical things that I don’t understand) that keep your payment information secure. They will also process your payment through PayPal if you’d like.
  • Fill out the “first name,” “last name,” and “Email” forms then press “next”.
  • After pressing “next” you’ll be able to input your payment details.

See you on the flip side!

-Liam Anderson